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Missing Dad.

      What is truth? Is it the absence of a lie? No, that's a maybe.  The definition that I like  for truth-is what is.  I look outside and the sky is beautifully clear, not a cloud to be seen. So to say its a great day, this would be truth? Depends on your viewpoint.  I can
assure you thath the person who just recieved an eviction notice does not consider it a
beautiful day, depite the glorious weather.  So truth depends on your viewpoint.  In other words, your consideration of what is truth is what is true for you. 

    In order to see truth, you actually have to look.  Accepting something as truth because someone else said so is a road to disaster.  Like yourself, I have heard so
many things that were supposed to be truth, and yet turned out to be complete lies, I
wonder where is it that you turn to for truth.  It centainly isn't the news media.  what a

   So what does truth have to do with Chiropractic.  Joe Blow , 65-year old lumberjack, walks into the Chiropractis office and want's treatment for his low back pain.  He states
that he has never had anytning wrong with his back until yesterday. Is this truth?  For him it is.  He knows that he has never had back pain until yesterday. 

     So what should the Chiropractor do now?  He knows that at age 65 this person has
permanent spinal degeneration. Is this truth? No, its a belief.  Most likely correct, but still a belief.  Should the Chiropractor go ahead and treat this patient when he knows
that the patient does not understand his condition.  Depends on the integrity of the doctor.  It's my belief that to treat a patient without  yourself having complete centainty of the the patients condition, irregardless of the outcome. is dishonesty. How does the doctor attain this complete certainty, he looks.  He not only looks at the patient's body, but he looks at the internal str ucture of the body.  In other words, without an x-ray to look at, the doctor is operating on a maybe. 

    The competant Chiropractor does not work on a patient without an x-ray.  He may be
competant in his adjusting procedure, the patient may improve, but patients depend on their doctor for the whole truth. And letting someone walk out of the doctors office thinking that his condition is handled, when in fact it requires months of follow up care, is a travesty.

    The proper approach to life is to always work toward truth.  Why do it any other way?
Thanks pop for raising an honest kid.  I will always remember your honesty>

Dr. Jim

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