Chiropractic misconception
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Chiropractic misconception
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Chiropractic misconception

  In a recent survey of public, done my myself, it was discovered that the general public has decided that Chiropractic is for maladies such as headaches, back pain, neck pain, etc.  In fact, Chiropractic has nothing to do with any symptom that a person may be suffering from. It is about keeping the brain and nervous system free of interference so that it can function at 100%. It is only when there is interference to the aforementioned items that we get symptoms. 
  When Chiropractic was discovered many years ago, it was an overnight sensation. People from all over the planet would seek out a Chiropractor so that they could experience the life changing results that Chiropractic patients were reporting.  So how did we get to the current theory that you go to the Chiropractor for only back pain.
  Honestly, I don't know as this started before I was born, and I am 73 years old.  But I can make an educated guess.  So here is my guess:  When there is a known success in any field, there are those who will jump on the bandwagon.  When, in the early 1900's, Chiropractic experienced an incredible growth due to fabulous results.  Seeing this, many people decided that they wanted to enjoy some of this success.  So they decided to become a Chiropractor, but for the wrong reason.  Flash forward to today and you
see Chiropractic offices not even using the word Chiropractic in their office title.  And the word ble(see earlier blogs), has become not only unknown to the public, but also to the Chiropractor. A Chiropractor friend of mine, who was a teacher at a local Chiropractic College, told me that the teachers were told not to mention the word subluxation. I saw this coming back in the 70's, when in Chiropractic College, one of my instructors, a medical doctor, did not even believe in Chiropractic. By the way, the Chiropractic College that I mentioned closed down a few years ago. Unbelievable!

  Gone are the glory days of Chiropractic. And of course you hear the usual misassignments of cause, like the economy, insurance, the weather, etc.  When in fact, the only thing that can slow Chiropractic down is Chiropractors. This is for one simple reason, IT WORKS.  Now days it is the norm for a student to spend four years in Chiropractic College, graduate, and not even go into practice. Or if he or she does, to experience  failure or limited growth.
  Failure to protect the technology of the subluxation and its effect on the human body is the only reason that Chiropractic is not enjoying the success so prevalent in earlier years.

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best report writing on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 4:05 AM
It's too bad that the practice of chiropractic is getting bad press because of the many misconceptions people have. It is treated as a practice that is outside of medicine. In truth many patients can benefit from a combination of therapeutic drugs and chiropractic sessions. I can attest to the fact that it does work. My aunt suffered from chronic back pain and had tried all sorts of pain relievers. She even went for oriental medicine and therapeutic massages. Then one day a medical doctor she consulted recommended a visit to a chiropractor. Long story short, my aunt is a living testament to how chiropractic works. It is not some kind of quackery practiced by practitioners of some obscure black magic.
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Chiropractic misconception
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Chiropractic misconception
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