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Enough is enough!

 After being a Chiropractor for 35 years, I have reached the point of complete exasperation.
When will we realize that the earth is not flat. That you and Tiger Woods, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, your parents, all have something in common. The vertebral subluxation.  Yes I know your M.D. says there is no such thing, while at the same time offering no solution to your back pain. Obviously if they knew the answer, Tiger Woods would be back playing golf. As a Tiger fan this just burns my hide. 
  I have outlined what a vertebral subluxation is in previous blogs, so I am not going to address it again. If you don't know, look it up. Realize now that keeping this subluxation a secret has given rise to a multi billion dollar drug industry. Money spent that has never solved a thing.  Having reached the ripe age of 72, I do get yearly medical checkups. The first thing that I am confronted with is the fact that I am not on any medication of any type. My blood pressure is 127/74. Once again, I take no drugs. I don't know about you, but to me this is a no
brainer. No drugs equals good health.
 Honestly, when I hear an athlete like Rory Mcllroy today saying that he may not play golf for a years and doesn't know what to do, I get the feeling that the human race is asleep. Actually I have felt that way since I was about 12. I had gone to Kaiser Hospital as mom thought that I had the flu. I remember the doctor quite well as anyone who looked just like Johnny Unitas would be instantly recognized. So Dr. Johnny asked this 12 year old what was wrong, and the doctor, without looking at me, handed me a piece of paper with something written on it and walked off.  I left the office and looked at the piece of paper (prescription)and immediately knew that something was wrong here. This was of course 20 years before I ever heard of a vertebral subluxation. 
  In summary, what you don't know can kill you. I strongly suggest that you see a straight 
Chiropractor and get our subluxations adjusted. I didn't say get checked, because if you are reading this, you have them.
ML, Dr,Jim

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aussi essay writer on Saturday, December 2, 2017 5:03 AM
Enough is enough your parents, all have something in common for the better multi billion dollar drug industry. This goforthchiropractic blog has been sharing about handed me a piece of paper with something interested.
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Shoulder Surgery on Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:11 AM
Great information, you have a wonderful blog and an excellent article.
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https://www.au-resumesplanet.com/ on Thursday, January 2, 2020 12:18 AM
Chiropractic is not getting enough press because big pharma want people to continue buying drugs to make them healthy. I have seen enough videos on YouTube to know not to discredit chiropractic immediately. A lot of patients with chronic pains who have been suffering for years suddenly get well after a session with a chiropractor. What was done to them? The chiropractor did something to their spinal column. I Know it is not that simple. But if you are someone who have been suffering pain for years and no medication at all, do your research about chiropractor.
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