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My name is Dr. James Goforth.  I have been a Chiropractor since 1979, originally practicing in Pleasant Hill, CA, and then moving to my current location in east Hollywood in 2003.  Chiropractic is divided into two different approaches, mixers and straight Chiropractors.  Mixers do a little of everything, including but not limited to nutrition, hair analysis, massage, physical therapy, emotional response treatment, laser treatment, etc.  Straight Chiropractors confine their approach to the correction of the vertebral subluxation complex(VSC).  What is that?  That is what Chriopractic philosophy was founded on. Simply but not adequately put, it is a pinched nerve.  Properly defined, it is (1). a minor misalignment of the segment of the spine(vertebral), causing an irritation to a nerve, with a loss of normal nerve function.  (2) An interruption of communication from the brain to any cell, tissue, or organ of the body.
  Simply put, a bone slips out of place in the spine, puts pressure on a nerve, and whatever is at the end of the nerve will not function properly.  This could be your leg, heart, thyroid gland, lungs, etc.  It is the Chiropractor who can locate these misaligned bones and put them back in position.  Having done this for 33 years, I can honestly say that the best way to do that is by using  the Gonstead methodology, of which I am very proficient.  For information on the Gonstead technique, considered by many to be the Gold Standard of Chiropractic techniques, just use key word Gonstead.

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